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This story is based upon the Hong Kong phenomena of the Gong Neui - Harbour Girl. The Gong Neui is a sexless but sexy creature obsessed with designer labels and looking good. Film by Lawrence Gray
A gweilo that speaks Cantonese explains the meaning of "Chok"- a useful slang word.
An Anti-Shark's Fin Flash Mob Assembles in Times Square, Hong Kong.
A live performance art happening on the streets of Hong Kong. Artist XYZ paints hiphongkong's creator in white silk dress with iconic scenes of Hong Kong in the background. Video shot by Edwin Lee (
A song about the disenchantment with superficiality and materialism in Hong Kong
In the midst of a Saurday afternoon of Christmas shopping in IFC, a boom-boom beat originates
This video camapign by Cathay Pacific captures perfectly the spirit of the Rugby Sevens in one minute. Fun is Back!
A video from Dan F's album 'Rendition'. Go on a deep dark journey and break free of the existentialism of the everyday grind.
A hypnotic video shot with a Digital Harinezumi of what goes on during 'Chung Yeung' Festival, a Chinese tradition where families gather to pay respects to their ancestors.
This hilarious martial-arts spoof video features an extended fight scene involving fish and fruit in the Peel Street market.
Hiphongkong's Twitter Party at Hyde on 16 Aug, 2012. Produced by Rebecca Liu
Artist XYZ stands on a street corner in Central painting while everyone passes by on the crosswalk
Rugby enthusiasts singing an R&B song on the tram- Campy!
Daniel Wu stars in this spoof infomercial about buying fresh air. Will the pollution become so bad in Hong Kong that this will be our future?
A morbid drama/comedy based on old zombie cult movies. Lamma Island is infested with the un-dead and gets nuked at the end of the film. Camp-cool.
Videographer Fershad Irani uses the time lapse and the tilt-shift method to make Hong Kong look like a minature city. Cool!
A tale of hearbreak and redemption in Hong Kong
Do you have the need for speed? Come experience the excitement of the Macau grand prix where Hong Kong driver Matthew Marsh scored the first ever FIA Championship point for a Hong Kong driver.
A funky retro music video shot in Mongkok featuring some iconic Hong Kong personalities
A flash mob pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson by performing 'BEAT IT' on the streets of Hong Kong.