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Veggie SF is a new vegetarian restaurant in Central specializing in San Francisco style diner food. The unique venue is decorated with American bric-a-brac including the national flag, road signs, license plates and other real antique household objects from the 50s. There are even a few vintage pieces of jewelry as well as vintage clutches for sale at the entrance.

The dining area has mis-matched chairs and colorful tables. Veggie SF is on the 10th floor of the new Stanley 11 building on Stanley street and there are floor to ceiling windows all around offering a wonderful city view of Central. There are cute and quirky things written in magic marker on the windows.

The menu is quite limited and they are only open for lunch and dinner. There are appetizers such as the veggie satays. We weren’t sure what they were made of- it was a soy based product like tempeh perhaps. One satay tasted so much like shrimp, I couldn’t believe it was vegetarian. We also had the vegetarian dumplings which were filled with mushroom and pan-fried till crispy in that yummy oily way.

The soup of the day was beetroot and was a little watery. They also sometimes have soups like carrot pumpkin. We also ordered the Garden Salad which was made with fresh greens, mixed mushroom and herbs and nuts. It was fairly large and almost good for 2 - 3 as an appetizer. The dressing was vinegar and honey. The most attractive thing about this delicious dish was the price - 28 HKD!

For mains we ordered the Beetroot Pate Cheese Burger and Lasagna. The Burger we had was very nicely presented. Beetroot burger is not everybody's cup of tea and to be honest it was mediocre. But at least all the ingredients were very fresh and healthy. The lasagna didn’t really taste like the typical lasagna you would find in an Italian restaurant. There was something much lighter about it. Again the dish was edible but nothing out of this world.

We loved the roasted potato and pumpkin wedges which we ordered on the side. They were perfectly seasoned and extremely tasty. There’s also has a retail corner where you can buy various vegetarian ingredients for your home-cooked meal.

Overall, we do recommend this place as the décor is super cute and has such a unique atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where you’d just love to lounge and loiter over a cup of coffee. We especially love this venue for a rainy day. They also have Wi-fi- so it’s also a good place to camp out with your laptop. On top of that, the prices are very affordable and if you’re a vegetarian, it’s a great alternate place to have your special dietary needs satisfied.

10/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central
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