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May May has a clean and bright interior for a local cart-noodle place. It sits around 40 people. During lunch time, the place is jam-packed with locals whose offices are in Sheung Wan. The restaurant features "cart noodles", a unique and iconic HK-style cuisine which used to be sold out of carts by hawkers few decades ago. Nowadays many vendors have moved indoors.

The cart noodles are customizable in every way. You can choose instant noodles, rice noodles, udon or ramen to go with a number of toppings, such as beef brisket, fish ball, peppered beef ball, Chinese wanton (dumpling), chicken wings, sausage, vegetables, etc. There are choices even for the sauce - spicy, sichuan-style, meat gravy, satay or curry.

All toppings are priced at $8-9 each, while noodles cost $3. If you are hungry you may pay $6 and get double amount of noodles. ie, A bowl of udon ($8) that goes with beef brisket ($9) and fish ball ($8) will cost $25. Budget eats!

We recommend the cart noodle set ($32) which includes a bowl of noodle with 3 toppings plus a hot drink, or an iced one if you want to pay an extra $2 (an unwritten rule in most Cha-chan-tings). If you have a large stomach, you may order the 5-side-dish cart noodle set which costs $40 including a drink.

This is the place to go if you are in a hurry and want to dine quickly the local way. The waitresses there are friendly and efficient. There isn't an English menu yet, but if you aren't vegetarian nor vegan, just point to the next table - you will find quite a number of good choices there.

216 Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan
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