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This small street-level hostess bar has a lot of cute slender Filipinas with long hair dancing around in really short hot-pants and tube tops. Pass through the burgundy drapes at the entrance and you’ll find a long bar with a stage behind it. In the middle of the stage is glass shower and on either side of the shower is a kind of cage of poles (hence the name Firehouse) where two girls dance at once.

The girls gyrate their hips minimally looking as bored as they would be if they were in a calculus class. However- you do get the odd smile from the girls whilst they are ‘dancing’ and when they come off stage they can be very friendly, funny and easy to talk to. But of course! It’s paid company. The guys buy the girls drinks. It’s 220 for a beer and 350 for a cocktail. The house gets most of the money and the girls make commissions on the drinks. For a big price- 3000 HKD- girls can be taken out of the club- but why would anyone pay that when they can just go across to Fenwicks and get laid for 400. For 240 you can also get the girl of your choice to put on a shower show. Lap dancing is available as well.

There were quite a number of decent-looking semi-attractive guys in there. Some came in groups and some in pairs. I guess at the end of a long work day- some men just want to relax and not have to try to woo some girl with witty words and expensive dinners. At least at the Firehouse you get what you pay for- someone pretty who won’t give you a hard time, and if you pay her enough she will have sex with you no strings attached.


Jaffe Road directly behind Fenwicks
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