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The latest addition to the Wooloomooloo family has arrived in TST on the top floor of THE ONE mall. Wooloomooloo Prime offers  steak and seafood cuisine with a back-to-basics approach using the best ingredients available. The restaurant has an excellent view of Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong city skyline.

The massive venue spans 10,000 sq ft. The interior of the restaurant has two separate sections- the lounge and the fine dining area.  The decor incorporates a natural feel with rock and wood elements.

The lounge has a relaxing ambience and appeals to sophisticated cocktail sippers. There's a panoramic view of the city, which is perfect for viewing the light show that takes place over the city skyline at 8pm.

Wooloomooloo even plays the same music featured in the light show. It makes you feel as if you watching it live. If sitting inside is not good enough for you, feel free to step onto their small alfresco balcony to admire the city lights. The kitchen can also be seen from the lounge area so you watch the sexy chef prepare your favorite dishes.

The spacious dining area is for those who want to enjoy a tasty set meal. Every table is elegantly set and has an amazing view of the city. This section also offers a conference room for corporate meetings so you can discuss important business matters or have a casual team-building dinner party while enjoying some fine wine and delectable bites.

Speaking of small-bites, their Tuna & Spanner Crab Tartare is a must try starter! The dish includes pieces of crabmeat accompanied with a choice of either a mustard dipping sauce or an herb induced tartar sauce. The crabmeat is so fresh and tender; it nearly melts in your mouth. The dipping sauces add some flavor to your palette without destroying the taste of the crab. It's basic but adds some zest to the dish. Their other starters such as Foie Gras, Sturgeon Caviar and the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail are also very popular.

The Wild Mushroom Vol Au Vent is another scrumptious starter. A mixture of chanterelle, morels, Portobello, porcini and Parmesan cheese are placed inside of a soft buttery croissant. The fusion of all the different flavors of mushrooms is amazing. It's a simple dish made with top ingredients that has an astounding taste! It's also an excellent vegetarian dish.

Focusing on premium steaks on their menu, Wooloomooloo Prime features “Certified Humane” USA beef from Meyer Natural Beef. Meyer promises that all of its animals are treated humanely, allowing them to roam in the land eating pastures. The animals are also not fed hormones or antibiotics, which makes the meat healthier to eat.

The USA Dry Aged New York Striploin, 12oz is served with four sauces, Veal Jus, Peppercorn Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Red Wine Madeira. We had the striploin with the peppercorn sauce. The meat was tender and had a nice smoky aroma to it. The outside of the steak had a nice grilled shell that left the center of the steak succulent.

The 200-day grain fed Australian Black Angus beef was also very tender and not tough. We had this steak with the mushroom sauce and felt that sauce left your mouth filled with so many different flavors. There's the smoky taste from the grill, the different mushrooms from the sauce and the natural juicy flavors form the meat.

The 70-day grain fed young Black Angus beef also known as the Tomahawk, was a whole rib steak. This dish is suitable for two and is an excellent entrée for a romantic date. This was our favorite steak out of the three. With the peppercorn corn sauce, it was delectable. The fusion of the five peppers from the sauce, the extremely tender meat, and array of juices coming from the meat itself were fantastic!

A good way to wind the night down is with the Wooloomooloo cheesecake. This isn’t just any cheesecake that you can get from New York as this is prepared differently. The cheesecake is the traditional Philadelphia cheesecake uncooked. Hence, the cheesecake is so soft and quickly melts in your mouth that you find your spoon reaching back for more! The cheesecake is served with red berry compote and a yogurt sorbet. The compote is not too sweet and adds a simple yet pleasant touch to the dish. Alongside your cheesecake you can order the chamomile tea, which is naturally sweet and does not require sugar. The strong aroma from the tea tickles your nose and leaves you satisfied after your very filling meal.

Wooloomooloo Prime’s average price per head is about HK$650, which is pretty reasonable considering the top ingredients used in all the dishes. It’s a fun place to go for a hot date or to dine with your clients. Not only is the food amazing, but also the kitchen ran by hot and top chefs working their magics out in the open kitchen and the dining area managed by a fun friendly team of staff. Also keep an eye out for their events in their sexy, elegant lounge!

By Farrah Pappa

21/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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