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You've been drinking beer and tequila shots all night in Lan Kwai Fong. It's past 2am and you still haven't 'pulled' anyone to go home with. It's high time to head for Dusk till Dawn in Wanchai! This lively bar is one of the most consistently crowded and popular places in Wanchai. The bar occupies and medium-sized rectangular space. As you walk in, there's a long bar at the back and a stage in front where they feature live bands playing all kinds of crowd-pleasing cover tunes. Somtimes it's alternative rock. Sometimes, it's Village People and Gloria Gaynor. It doesn't really matter because it's late, you're drunk, the night has already become a bit of a blur, so why not dance??

The crowd is a mix of down-to-earth types: beer drinkers, backpackers, students, pilots, bankers, expats and a few bar girls who just got off work. Everyone is dancing laughing, having fun and trying to pick each other up. Curiously, the bar seems to have some kind of odd Mediterranean decor. The place is also peppered with erotic paintings which are borderline, but hey, it's Wanchai- the district formerly known as the domain of sailors and Suzy Wongs. All in all, Dusk till Dawn is a good place to have a laugh and it's nowhere near as sleazy and cheesy as the other places in the neighborhood. Happy hour is from 5-11 and they also serve bar snacks till the wee hours.

G/F, 76 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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