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Hong Kong's Gay Scene!

This is a shout out to all the gay brothers in the house- Hiphongkong loves YOU! We know that the mark of a truly fabulous city is when there are a lot of gays living there making the places pretty, arty and fashionable! So two snaps and a twist! Un huh.

Here’s the section on hiphongkong that features the gay nightclubs in town. Let us know if we’re missing any.

Now, I’d like to talk about a few super fun events coming up in the immediate future for the boyz:

The first one is the Volume Three Year Anniversary featuring the campy sounds of Drag Diva La Chiquitta. Just look at this album cover and tell me that this is not going to be a load of fun!! Uh Oh- Tranny in da House!! Plus, I’ve heard that there are really hot bartenders at Volume and the venue is bootylicious.

La Chiquitta says proudly:

“I can’t wait to show this city that no matter whom you are, or where your talents lie, you can make your dreams come true with sheer determination, a little luck, and ridiculously high heels.”

Already a well-known icon amongst Hong Kong’s nightcrawlers, Chiquitta performs regularly onstage at various queer events around town. Having recently headlined Volume’s incredibly successful series of drag shows “The Main Event”. Chiquitta’s star is set to rise to queer heights previously unheard of in this city.

“It is a bit frightening to face a somewhat conservative city and say, ‘yes- I may be a drag artiste, but now- I’m also a pop star”, she acknowledges “Yet honey, when you look and feel fabulous, opportunities come knocking- like most men in this town do with me!”

This is a preview of the Single:

Event number two is Mr. Gay Hong Kong. 6 hot guys will be duking it out on Nov. 28 to see exactly who is the most fabulous boy in town! It will be a fierce and fun gay night in LKF- so please join- remember “There’s more than one way to be a man”.

Click here for more details on the Mr. Gay Hong Kong event!



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